Walls Work

Critics of border security often think that walls and fences are an outdated technology. Nothing could be farther than the truth.


Symbolism has played a large role in how walls work.

Walls, we are told, denote prisons. But only if they are built to keep people in, not if they are for keeping outsiders out.

-Charles Krauthammer

The world has seen a massive increase in borders for the specific reason to keep people out.

Global Increase

In 2015, borders and walls were built for Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, and Tunisia.

This trend has continued in 2016, with Bulgaria, Hungary, and Austria expanding their fences, Norway, Pakistan- even Britain and France have built their border wall.

Amren [2018]



The wall in Hungary was a success in which it saw a drop of illegal immigration


The Israeli security fence saw a drop in illegal immigration by 90% which funny enough:

Jerusalem might have developed that technology for Israel’s own security, but it could just as easily be replicated to detect, interdict, and destroy tunnels under the US border. -American Enterprise Institute


Norway’s wall to try and stop Russian migrants was highly effective as the number of asylum seekers dropped by 95%


The wall in-between Greece and Turkey was built to slow down migrants from Turkey. It has reduced migrant crossings by 95%

The United States:

The US border is no different in which border walls still work

Yuma, Arizona

Border apprehensions decreased by 99% after the border fence on the Yuma’s sector was completed

San Diego, California

Border apprehensions decreased by 90% after the installation of the border fence

El Paso, Texas

Since the fence was completed, the volume of marijuana and cocaine coming through El Paso and seized by Border Patrol agents has been cut in half

NY Post

After the border was completed, the volume of marijuana and cocaine coming through El Paso and seized by Border Patrol agents has been cut in half. The number of deportable illegal immigrants located by the US Border Patrol plummeted by more than 89% over the five-year period during which the controversial new fence was built


The notion the barriers and borders being ineffective is afactual and ahistorical. The wall proposed on the US Mexico border is just a standard practice in other countries to try and curb illegal migrants.

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AJ is based in Central Texas; he is a "Radical Centrist". He is an American Asian immigrant.

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