The New American Revolution

Many of us can personally testify to having great distrust in the American government. After all, why would we trust a system run inefficiently in the only goal of profiting the politicians? That is not how a functional government should act. Unlucky for the government, their inefficiency and lack of care for the working class will only bite itself in the back.

There are many ways a revolution could come about. One is through government distrust. In the early 1960’s, nearly 80% of Americans could say they trusted the government – a number that has dropped to 18% as of last December. Now, the level of distrust is not quite enough to reach a revolution yet, for the situation would have to be much closer to Mexico. In Mexico, if there’s one thing the nation’s citizens can rally around, it’s hating their government with a passion. Mexico is in the condition for a revolution. America is approaching this position, though.

But, we might ask what causes this government distrust in the first place. I would suspect a lot of it comes from inefficiency, misuse of resources, and lack of care for the working class. It seems unlikely that someone like Bernie Sanders could’ve done so well otherwise. America was touted as the land of the free for so long – but in the 2016 primaries, a senator from Vermont who labeled himself as a socialist and possibly irreligious went from being completely unknown to one of America’s favorite politicians. At the minimum, we can tell one thing from this – something in America is not right. But, if someone with a Bernie-style platform is winning, we can suspect the mistrust comes from what Bernie is trying to remove. No more big corporations ruling over the lives of the citizens, no more tax cuts for the rich, no more corporate welfare, and maybe a social program that would provide US citizens with the necessities.

Of course, we might ask why resources are so poorly used. For sure, there is corruption within government and corporate interests flood nearly every bill that passes. It is likely there are hundreds of billions to maybe trillions of dollars being spent without our knowledge. But there are other causes for deficits and overspending. It is here I conclude, even if we brought Bernie Sanders in as president, we would not see collective happiness raise – in fact we would only be brought closer to revolution. But, this revolution is rather different. This revolution comes after a collapse.

While it is controversial to say, we do know certain racial groups cause more of a net budget burden than others to the degree it actually causes a deficit. What is also controversial to say is America’s native demographics are changing. It should be so blatantly obvious, but somehow many do not accept it. This does not become healed by Bernie – as a Democrat and a “progressive” he has an obligation to be for some immigration. I would doubt the amount of legal immigration would drop under Bernie Sanders, meaning we would continue to take in over 1,000,000 immigrants a year. The combined effects of fiscal deficits and rapidly changing demographics is not one we would like to think of.

Let’s put it like this. Ryan Faulk was able to calculate government expenditures by race for 2014; white people cost about $2,795 per capita, black people cost -$10,016 per capita, and Hispanics cost about -$7,298 per capita (all per year). This means, using Ryan’s 2014 statistics, whites cause a budget surplus of $553.52 billion – but this comes to a loss when blacks cost a total of -$389.71 billion and Hispanics cost -$411.95 billion. This averages out to a -$248.14 billion deficit a year with current demographics. If we look at the demographics for 2050, this problem becomes largely worse.

Assuming the amount of social programs does not increase (a guarantee under Sanders) and average spending per capita doesn’t change, we would expect a deficit of trillions a year at the minimum. This is not the whole deficit; there is a whole lot of other spending happening that you can pile on top of this too. 

Notice, since black populations stay rather consistent, the spending would still be at a surplus if it were just blacks and whites. Hispanics immigrate here at a high rate and when they come here, have children, often receiving amnesty, welfare, etc. in return. This is evidence immigration is much more the problem here.

Not only does this create a massive deficit, but actually weakens and decreases the size of the productive economy. At the same time, China grows largely as an economy due to non-tariff protections on trade and creating trade loopholes to screw the United States over. Meanwhile, they ship fentanyl into our country, worsening our opioid crisis and weakening the working class. Eventually, they surpass us as the #1 economy. With this, they demand the trillions we owe them. And, in a surge of hyperinflation, our economy collapses and people are left desperate and a deadly revolution begins.

This is no ill-backed claim. It’s already happened before. After World War I, the Treaty of Versailles essentially put all the blame for the war on Germany. The countries then demanded reparations for the damages caused during the war. All this pressure was put onto Germany and so the country needed to print money off at massive amounts in order to try and compensate. They put the citizens in a position of desperation as their money was worth nothing and they were deeply impoverished. What happened then? A revolution as Hitler rose to power in the country.

Would fascism rise in the West? Possibly. The culture is dying and becoming what I might call overly progressive. Although, it may be likely the victim is completely different this time around. The Jews were picked as a scapegoat in Germany due to their massive overrepresentation in the Bolshevik Revolution, the arts, the sciences, and the media. While Jews are certainly overrepresented in the United States, they are already considered to be a victim class here. The real oppressors, the scapegoat of the left is white people. Whites will continue to disproportionately more successful than blacks and Hispanics, even as a minority. And with a collapsed economy, a feeling of desperation, and a necessity for equality, the whites could likely be the victims of a genocide. It might be considered then, the actions of Nazi Germany were not about racial supremacy but about radical egalitarianism – just a thought.

This is of course one path I see things going. But, there are other ways a revolution may happen, in some ways related.

America’s traditional culture is dying and while you can say that is a good or a bad thing, it does mean a revolution. Antonio Gramsci was an Italian Communist in the early 20th century. After Mussolini made way in Italy, Gramsci moved to Soviet Russia. Gramsci began to notice the issues with the Soviet system and how they related to the ideas of Marxism in general. He observed the only way the regime could maintain power was through state terror. Leninism did not bring the workers together and unite them – it simply made them fear the government.

After spending some time in Russia, Gramsci concluded it was the Christian heart of the people that prevented communism from working. Because the culture already supported a hierarchical system, simply revolting against the economic system would not be enough. Gramsci started writing about how the only way to destabilize capitalism in the West was to destroy the systems that held it up – one being Christianity. Along with Christianity comes traditional gender roles, capitalism, and a respect for order and hierarchy that did not allow the Marxist system to come in place. He found the method devised by Marx in the phrase, “Workers of the world unite!” can only come second to destroying the culture. Gramsci writes about Russia,

“… the state was everything, civil society was primordial… in the West there was a proper relation between the state and civil society, and when the state trembled a sturdy structure of civil society was at once revealed. The State [in the West] was only the outer ditch, behind which there stood a powerful system of fortresses and earthworks.”

Gramsci’s ideas were largely influential in how Marxists would implement their ideas over the next century. The Frankfurt School was started in Germany by Georg Lukacs and members of the German Communist Party. This university essentially set out to spread Marxist ideas on campus and destroy the traditional Western ideas, labeling them as racist and evil. But, with the rise of Nazi Germany and the school being made up of communists and Jews, they fled to New York, America.

One major ideal that came out of the school was Critical Theory. What Critical Theory entailed was destructive criticism of Western ideals such as Christianity, patriarchy, authority, nationalism, conservatism, etc. The way it is used is by saying all of these things are evil, racist, sexist, bigoted, and lead to genocide. Simply labeling anyone as a fascist is the ultimate insult and allows nobody who follows these traditional ideals to recover.

Over time, this culture grew on campuses as we saw in the culture war of the 1960’s. Over this period, the culture of America drastically changed. The baby boomers did not have previous duties to their nation and because of the attitude of the parents who raised them, were very open to ideas that would criticize the nation and traditional values. The baby boomers allowed their culture to be changed; they allowed the country to be radically shifted towards liberal values. It appears the ideas of the Frankfurt School and Critical Theory were working.

By the 2000’s we saw the rise of third-wave feminism. Women don’t need to be married anymore. They can raise a kid on their own and have a job. Any man who said differently was a sexist, which inherently put him close to fascism. Black Lives Matter, feminism, and civil rights movements in general share the iconic fist as a logo with Marxism. Music and television were becoming more grotesque. You no longer had to watch what you say or find clever ways to be funny. Go on stage and yell about your vagina for an hour and you’ve made thousands of dollars.

It is not an unfair assessment to claim Marxism is on its way in the West. The cultural revolution has already started and is working very well. Faith has been lost and even proclaimed Christians are usually not going to church or dedicating as much time to their faith as they would have before. It should not take much longer for the ideas of Western tradition to be gone. Once that happens, Marxists may be thrilled and the revolution may happen.

Whatever happens, it seems likely some type of revolution is near. Take it as good or bad, but it’s happening. Either people will lose trust in their government, the government will continue to fail on immigration and create massive deficits, or the Marxists will win – with Western tradition gone and communism prevailing. But, if you are like me, none of these revolutions are good things. If you are like me, you will try and fight to stop it, because there are ways to do so. But, if so, you must act quickly; the revolution is coming – it’s only a matter of time.

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