The Common Delusion of Conservatives and Liberals: America is Good

“Marg bar Āmrikā!” The chants are loud and clear every day in Tehran. Each soul, each individual, united in a voice against America. To the average American, their reasons for doing this seem incomprehensible; why would anyone hate the good ol’ USA? But to any moral person with even half of a functioning brain, the reason should be obvious: America is representative of everything that’s wrong with the world.

First, one should address the issues innate to America before discussing the delusions of the political class. In recent years, America has played a great part in Neo-Colonialism. Whether we’re talking about the illegal Vietnam War, or the resource grabbing policy in the Middle East (with particular respect to Iraq), or the supporting of the Israeli apartheid state, or the corporate autocracy instituted in the so-called “banana republics”, it can’t be denied that the US foreign policy cares little for the rights and freedoms of the peoples of other nations. This evil is, however, a mere extension of the greater one: the evil of capitalism. While the capitalist system may excel at generating vast amounts of wealth, the way in which this wealth is distributed can only be described as immoral. Recent data has shown that the richest 10% of families in the US own more than 75% of the nation’s wealth. The rates are even worse worldwide, with the top 1% owning HALF of the world’s capital. Capitalism is inextricably linked to the American state, with capitalism as a whole being only describable as a grand crime, and as a system against which anyone with a shred of human decency should struggle against.

The delusion of the liberals and the delusion of the conservatives both arrive at the same faulty conclusion: the idea that America is good. The paths that their minds follow to reach this strange conclusion, however, differ in a few significant ways. The conservatives worship America as a religion, believing that America is the greatest country on Earth without actually providing any evidence for that claim. One could easily launch into an Aaron Sorkin-esque diatribe about how the US is statistically a pretty shit place, but it isn’t the conservative position to listen to facts that contradict their devotion to their cult. The liberals, on the other hand, have found a more insidious idea. While some of the neoliberal crowd supports America simply due to their obsession with corporations (a post-modern nightmare where the signifier is also the signified), in a reaction to Donald Trump’s slogan “make America great again”, some liberals have fallen into a trap of historical revisionism (i.e. Hillary Clinton’s “America is great because America is good”). Perhaps the most interesting example of this strand of anti-Trump thought is the speech that Meghan McCain (a wealthy failure of a human being, only made famous because her father was exceptionally good at crashing planes and supporting war crimes against the Iraqi people) delivered at her father’s funeral, where she claimed that “America was always great”. Rhetorically one has to ask the question, what period of time is she referring to? Maybe she longs for the days of the pilgrims, where settlers committed an opportunistic genocide against the native people. Or perhaps she’s referring to that great era of American capitalism, known today as slavery! No wait, she really means the Jim-Crow south, where people of color were persecuted by the law and lynched by the public! Or maybe she means the cold war era, where people of color were still oppressed, but America “fought communism” in such just ways as invading other nations and committing war crimes, a proud American tradition that continues on to this very day! Perhaps she actually meant to say that America currently is great, with our stone age healthcare system, subpar education, massive inequality, rampant racism, and continued imperialism! All joking aside- the implication that America was ever or is in any meaningful way a force for good, can only be true if your definition of good is supremely egotistic, and you sit upon the top of America’s conquests.

The American system is impressively oppressive to both the American workers and the rest of the world (excluding King Salman) and must be destroyed by the laborers in a popular left-wing movement. It needs to be clarified, that the hatred of America is not the hatred of the American people, rather the hatred of the American spirit and its oppressive nature. By the destruction of the American spirit and opulence, not only will millions around the world find themselves able to build a free society, American culture will be free to flourish, and the American worker will be liberated, living a better life. So next time you see the flag, consider what it actually stands for, and not the delusions of the past.

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