Why Reduce Immigration and How?

Immigration is a very important topic to discuss in politics. People undermine immigration especially in America due to the indoctrination that America is an immigrant country and immigration is sought to stay high due to America “traditionally” being an immigration country.

Its objectively false to believe this notion due to the fact, historically, it was not immigrants from 3rd World Countries who came here, rather, it was White Protestant British Men and Women seeking asylum from religious persecution. America did not exist before the White British Man came and conquered and colonized it. It was simply a free land with inhabitants called “Native Americans” simply living here. Therefore, the White Protestants were not immigrants but settlers. America is a Nation of SETTLERS. Remember the story of the Lewis and Clark expedition? They traveled the uncolonized land of North America to the coast of California to eventually start settling and making record of what they saw. America is a Nation of Christian Settlers and to protect this culture and identity, America needs a strong immigration reform and reduction and strong border.

There are many reasons and whys we need to reduce immigration, both legal and illegal, and reasons to why this is the case. Let us start exploring. A Conservative Journalist of The Heritage Foundation named Robert Rector explains and I quote,

“Immigration reform has many facets: It must pro­tect national security, uphold the rule of law, strengthen citizenship, and benefit the American economy.The overall effect must be to reduce illegal immigration in to the United States. Although border security generally receives more attention, serious enforcement of current laws prohibiting the employ­ment of illegals is also an important tool in an overall strategy to reduce illegal immigration.”

Robert explains that serious enforcement of employment of illegals is a strong and good strategy to reduce illegal immigration. Robert elaborates that America is a magnet for immigrants especially low-income immigrants to come here due to America being the leading economy of the world with the best jobs and employment. Robert states,

“…policy should focus on the businesses that hire illegal immigrants and let general employment rules rather than individ­ual arrests drive the reduction in illegal immigration.”

This is a more ethical and moral approach to fixing illegal immigration rather than deporting them. He states that to make this work, put penalties as well on employers for those who hire illegal immigrants. Explaining that for deterrence for work both the government and employers must have timely and accurate information regarding new hires. Robert explains “E-Verify” is a great tool to help with the authenticity of personal information and credentials offered by new hires. It occurs almost instantly. Illegal immigrants have 3 ways of obtaining employment. Them being “Fictitious Social Security, Identity Fraud, and Working off the books” Robert Rector wrote a lengthy article on this and will be in the reference page (comments) of this post. This is one way of reducing illegal immigration besides using ICE to deport Illegals. Now to thoroughly explain why we need to reduce immigration.

Humans should logically know that resources and space are scarce. Americans take many things for granted which takes a toll on the environment. America is growing exponentially due to immigration with Scientific American quoting, “Meanwhile, the U.S. Census Bureau estimates that U.S. population will grow from 303 million people today to 400 million as early as 2040.” That’s a HUGE jump of population and that’s all from immigrants boosting that and not natives reproducing. David Durham of Population-Environment Balance says, “Americans who care about the environment should insist on reducing immigration, to recognize ecological realities such as limited potable water, topsoil and infrastructure. He also cites studies showing that a permissive U.S. immigration policy drives up fertility rates in the sending countries “which is the last thing these sending countries need.” Environmentalists even agree that America needs to reduce immigration a lot or even stop it entirely either temporarily or permanently to focus on our nation’s problems.

FAIR (Federation of American Immigration Reform) states that we are so overpopulated that we depend on foreign exports of energy due to Americans using 28.8% of our energy, ⅔ of petroleum, and ⅙ of our natural gas. Of course, socially, Americans generally use a lot of this but contributing to this problem is the influx of immigrants, both legal and undocumented. Overpopulation is not such a taboo or controversial topic as it is known as a fact to every side of the spectrum that overpopulation in the world contributes to more pollution and more use of natural ecological resources YET Americans do not see the overpopulation problem in America and taking a blind eye to it. Americans use their subjective emotions on immigration that, “Oh these refugees and immigrants need a home due to theirs not providing enough.” America should not be a nation of refuge. America needs to maintain Law and Order to protect the populist and the citizens, both Native and Legal immigrants, from refugees working off the book or using fictitious social security. It is a disgrace that society has evolved into a post-truth society that America must care for all humans. Its a utopian ideology. Humans do not get along together, proven through history, and restrictions and law & order and borders are necessary.

Now, the Jordan commission sees that deporting immigrants is antithetical but at the same time, keeping a strong immigration order and reducing immigration should NOT be seen as anti-immigration. They see it as protecting the well-being of the working class, the blue collared workers, the 99%. The illegals and immigrants compete with the most vulnerable americans. Illegals have low-income and generally low IQ and most Americans in todays society, have trouble finding employment and Illegals and Immigrants take many work that can be taken by Americans that need work. Of course, it’s wonderful for illegals to take that apple picking jobs or the hard boring jobs most Americans do not want, but Americans, generally the poverty lower classes, can take the jobs. It’s just a societal change Americans need to make in America to make a good change. This will help American gets jobs, reduce illegal immigration, reduce immigration overall, and help our environment. This is why Immigration needs to be reduced and how we can do so.

Written by : @damnmediocrity

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