The Iran Nuclear Deal: Why Trump Is Sorely Wrong About Leaving

“Timely and proactive cooperation by Iran in providing such access facilitates implementation of the additional protocol and enhances confidence…The production rate of enriched uranium is constant. There is no change whatsoever.”

– International Atomic Energy Agency

Despite the lack of any existing evidence to suggest Iran is in violation of the terms reached in the Iran Nuclear Deal, United States President Donald Trump decided to take it upon himself to unilaterally pull out from the agreement and in effect nudge the international community into further dilemma. The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) or far widely known as the Iran Nuclear Deal, was an agreement reached between the Islamic Republic of Iran, the P5+1 (Russia, China, U.S., France, the U.K.), and the European Union, on controlling and scaling Irans nuclear program.

The deals framework restricts Iran from possessing reactor-grade uranium leveling above 3.67% U-235. Far from the threat of being able to produce weapons-grade uranium which requires enriched levels above 90%. Their stockpile of enriched uranium is prohibited from rising above 660 pounds, an immense reduction from the accounted 25,000 pounds they possessed before the JCPOA took effect. Iran’s centrifuge stockpiles were also reduced from 20,000 to 5,060 older models. Additionally, Iran is subjected to cease plutonium production and is required to allow IAEA inspectors full and unrestricted access to all its nuclear sites and research facilities.

In exchange for compliance, Iran was to regain access to more than $100 billion in assets frozen by international sanctions and allowed foreign investors to do business in Tehran again. The IAEA to this day states Iran is in full compliance with the JCPOA’s terms and has stayed within the caps of uranium enrichment. “Timely and proactive cooperation by Iran in providing such access facilitates implementation of the additional protocol and enhances confidence…The production rate of enriched uranium is constant. There is no change whatsoever”, an IAEA senior diplomat stated after the U.S. disembarked. Even as every agency and official involved with the deals upholding agrees Iran is in full, undeniable compliance with the deals terms, Trump throughout his presidential campaign and presidency continued to refer to the agreement as the “worst deal ever passed” and insisted Iran had violated the “spirit” of the signed product. Supported only by a Neo-Conservative reigning foreign policy, a war hawk funded congress, and a public base majorly disingenuous when it comes to Iran, Trump unilaterally pulled the U.S. from the nuclear deal in May. He’s even gone as far as to proclaim he could draft a much better deal, despite failing to make any attempts and only taking part in reimplementing crippling sanctions upon the Iranian people.

Trump cites Iran’s continued support of proxy forces throughout the Middle East such as the Houthi rebels in Yemen, Hezbollah in Lebanon, and the Assad government in Syria, in addition to ballistic missile testing as justification for dropping out of the JCPOA. All cases unrelated and entirely irrelevant to the terms and intent of the final agreement that was signed. Iran and the other signatories of the JCPOA are committed to continue upholding the framework of the deal despite the U.S. sanctions, which are pushing Iran into a position where they no longer will be able to honor the deals terms as well as economically thrive, especially as Vice President Pence is threatening the European sponsors to abandon ship or suffer similar consequences. Slowly and unfortunately, and much to the joy of the military industrial complex, Iran is being pushed to reimplement their mass ballistic missile testing and seek out alternative nuclear routes in the face of a war mongering Washington and regional rival Saudi Arabia with whom their interlocked in a proxy war.

It seemed only a short time ago Iran and the United States for the first time in 40 years of animosity and antagonization had a real chance at reaching levels of diplomacy unseen since before the 1979 Islamic revolution. That perhaps Iran could finally be recognized as something other than the sole enemy of western civilization, despite everything the men and women on television sell to the public. Though all of it remains for waste so long as Washington and those that pull its puppet strings remain unable to stretch its imperialist hands over the region. Despite however many failed perpetual wars they are willing to instigate, Iran will never be granted a state of diplomacy as long as its people express a will to preserve their sovereignty and control over their nations oil production. One sometimes forgets the Great Seal of the United States eagle carries an olive branch in addition to its many menacing arrows.

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Chris Trimper

A New York based commentator on American foreign policy and geopolitical happenings. Contributing writer for Additional work can be found on Instagram @the.geopolitical.forecasterand on Youtube @ The Geopolitical Forecaster Can be reached at:

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