The Current State of Politigram on Instagram

Political Instagram accounts, often referred to simply as, “politigram,” have become a hypocritical political cesspool. Seemingly everyone who owns a politigram account is fully aware of this issue. As the owner of a political account myself, it is very apparent to me that the community of accounts has become quite toxic.

I believe that the best way to talk about this problem, would be to show a few key points of issue, and address them individually.

  • With that in mind, the points that I would like to address are as follows:

Now, as we begin, I cannot stress enough that the purpose of this article is simply to show me beliefs that I have gathered through experience.

Hypocrisy within the politigram community is ever prevalent as it once was, if not worse. It seems that everyone can find some version of hypocrisy on almost any account. Examples include: claiming to be an ideology that you are not, supporting someone without knowing much about them, and lying to your audience about your intentions.

There are various people who are guilty of all of these accusations, and many more. Some people are just plainly ignorant. In fact, it seems that ignorance can oftentimes lead to many issues. Hypocrisy however, we must remember is defined as claiming to support or belong to one standard, whilst not actually adhering to said standard. This can often go hand-in-hand with the ignorance of many politigrammers.

Many people who are active on political accounts also seem to take no issue with believing something purely because a followed account claims it. This is very dangerous because it can easily lead to a collision of misinformation throughout the community, and immediately destroy the credibility of other creators.

Moving on to the second point of issue that I see as disastrous to the future of politigram. There seems to be an ever-growing group of people who either always support the President, or always disagree with him. For obvious reasons, this is not a productive mindset to have. When you commit yourself to only believing information from one source, or only allow yourself to accept one person as telling the truth, it forces you to be ignorant to facts that may not support your ideology.

Alright, on to my third point now. It is unbelievably common nowadays for political pages to just post content without adding anything of value to the post. Whether it be having no caption on the post, simply reposting tired content, or only posting once a week, these are some of the worst pages on politigram. I am very vocal about my disapproval with this style of running a page, even though it is probably the most common version. Many people who use politigram either use it as a source for current developments, or as a source for comedic content.In general, people tend to become less interested in content after seeing it more than once. And who can blame them? By not adding substantive content to one’s page, you are eventually going to lose any and all momentum your page had. Another issue with this type of content is that it makes it next to impossible to find the original creator of the content, thus, they receive no credit.

One last topic I’d like to address as a sort of side note. Many large political accounts partake in the selling of advertisements to other, smaller accounts. Although I understand this as a business decision, I am strongly against it, depending on how they plan to charge. Large accounts with high follower counts often promise large spikes in following to a smaller account who acts as the customer. Quite often, this is not the reality of the situation.

Trust me people, there’s much easier and cheaper ways to build a following on social media platforms. Posting good, thoughtful content will almost certainly do the trick…

These three/four aforementioned current issues, are the ones I see as the biggest threats to the future of political pages on Instagram(politigram). I hope you will take the time to comment any questions or comments you have, hopefully all of which I will respond to in a timely manner.

Follow @conserve.liberty if you wish to speak with me at length, or simply if you desire to do so 🙂

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