The Content of His Character

Americans celebrate various holidays in celebration of various things. Legendary figures are common in American Mythology in which the best of them are celebrated by the country and federally recognized as “holy” days.

We can breakdown federally recognized holidays into four categories: Celebrations for (usually outstanding) Americans, International Traditional Holidays, Events that pertain to American mythology, and celebrations on the birth for fellow Americans.

Federal Holidays for American Figures

  • George Washington’s Birth
  • Martin Luther King Jr’s Birth
None of the other founding fathers, not Abraham Lincoln, not even any other scientist or philosopher has achieved this. Rev Martin Luther King Jr, a political activist, and George Washington, the founding father.

Is Martin Luther King Jr worthy of this position?

What’s in a Name?

Among the few of the twice-titled trinymous names, Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr has been under scrutiny for misrepresenting his qualifications

Reverend-  King was definitely a powerful and popular Reverend, but is the title deserved when you steal your work? King had a history of appropriating speeches and religous work from other religious figures without credit or citation. For example: much of King’s religious work at Crozer Theological Seminary was plagiarized. In his work, “King’s plagiarisms are easy to detect because their style rises above the level of his pedestrian student prose. In general, if the sentences are eloquent, witty, insightful, or pithy, or contain allusions, analogies, metaphors, or similes, it is safe to assume that the section has been purloined.”

Doctor- Substantial parts of Dr. King’s doctoral dissertation and other academic papers from his student years appeared to have been plagiarized. The plagiarism was “enough to indicate a serious violation of academic principles”

Even still, it is not only in his dissertation that King plagiarized. He did so as an undergraduate in Morehouse College, and throughout his seven years of graduate study, particularly in papers in his major field, theology. King may simply have lacked the talent to succeed honestly in academics. “In fact, we know from his scores on the Graduate Record Exam that King scored in the second lowest third on his advanced test in philosophy—the very subject he would concentrate in at B.U.”

Martin Luther- Martin Luther King Sr, was born Michael King but changed his name to Martin Luther in 1935. He subsequently changed his sons name thereafter. This is obviously minor, but its interesting how his father changed his name to be more meaningful.

Stolen Content

According to The King Center, “Judged retroactively by the standards of academic scholarship, [King’s work] they are tragically flawed by numerous instances of plagiarism.

As reported by the Washington Post, “exact reproduction or paraphrasing” from the noted religious writers Paul Ramsey and Anders Nygren appears in the central chapter of King’s first book, “Stride Toward Freedom” (1958). Most people would call this stealing but WaPo decides to call it borrowing.Even speeches including “I Have a Dream” and “Letter From Birmingham Jail.” were stolen from the same unacknowledged texts for a multitude of speeches, essays and books,

Throughout his entire public career, he borrowed extensively and without acknowledgment from the sermons of Harry Emerson Fosdick and other, mainly white, preachers (and from Harris Wofford, now a United States Senator, who was an associate of King’s). For his published and unpublished sermons King incorporated titles, biblical passages, themes, metaphors, analogies, illustrations, literary quotations and whole paragraphs from sources he never mentioned. He borrowed from the same unacknowledged texts for a multitude of speeches, essays and books, including “I Have a Dream” and “Letter From Birmingham Jail.”

New York Times (1992)


What’s even worse about Martin King is the policies in which he advcated for. King advocated for monetary reparations, affirmative action, and socialism (mildly). I’m baffled why Republicans laud King as a conservative figure.

The Civil Rights Act is the landmark legislation and largest outcome from the civil Rights movement, however even this has a couple flaws. When enacting a new law, one must realize that the consequences of not following that law (and subsequently possibly not paying a fine) will put them in a cage. Enacting policy to futher your agenda seems like an extremely poor way to lead a non-violent movement-

  • Title II outlawed discrimination based on color, race, religion or national origin in restaurants, theaters, hotels and motels, as well as all other public accommodations involved in interstate commerce. Private clubs were exempt.
  • Title VII addressed equal employment opportunities by prohibiting discrimination by covered employers on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin.

I would agree with the majority of the Civil Rights act of 1964, however the mandatory integration of fully private businesses without public funding is something I would fundamentally disagree with.

Instead of holding our saints to higher standards, we have taken a habitual plagiarizer and sainted him in American history.

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