Election Season Is Here And Already Causing Shifts In Key Regions

The anticipation of election season is radiating all across the geopolitical landscape as voters cast ballots in favor of the direction they want their government to lean for years to come.

Prime Minister Modi

Election season is among us. Throughout the international community various states and governments are up for drastic political change or possible re-election. 

Notably the elections in Ukraine, Australia, and Turkey have been headline worthy, while the European Parliamentary elections are underway, and presidential elections in Afghanistan and the United States come into cycle.

Two of the biggest eye worthy outcomes within this period have been the re-election of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in India, and the resignation of Prime Minister Theresa May in the UK.

This week, Modi was re-elected to a second 5 year term in a landslide victory in the largest democratic elections on the planet, with a historical 67% voter turnout. Recent events such as the terrorist attacks in Kashmir, refusing to stand down in the face of an arms race with perpetual rival Pakistan, a healthy economy, and securing India’s title of being a space superpower, undoubtedly influenced voters decisions at the polls. 

As a result Modi and his BJP party will remain in power for the next 5 years and likely continue pushing the non aligned position India has taken regarding geopolitical relations, choosing to do business with both sides of the aisle despite international tension.

The future of India with Narendra Modi at the helm, by the vast majority of estimates, appears to be fruitful, but his major victory has not been without grave challenges.

Under Modi’s leadership India has seen an incredible devotion towards pursuing economic growth. The Central Statistics Office in February released a report that forecasts Indias economy to grow 7.2% in 2019, faster than the previous years 6.7% expansion. Manufacturing sectors are expected to grow by 8.3% compared to the 5.7% increase in late 2017 through 2018. Similarly Gas/Electricity and construction sectors are forecasted to thrive, reaching 9.4% and 8.9% growth.

In light of the February terrorist attacks in Indian administered Kashmir and increasing arms race taunts with Pakistan, Modi has vowed to strengthen India as an ascending world superpower. From fully endorsing the series of air strikes India carried out within Pakistani territory targeting the terrorist militia Jaish-e-Mohammed after it left 44 Indian police officers dead in Kashmir, to successfully test launch a “satellite killing” ballistic missile, and embracing the arms race with its neighbor Pakistan, Modi has beyond any doubt proven that the age of familiar Indian non-alignment policy making is long over.

Prime Minister May

4,7000 miles westward, you’ll stumble upon a completely different scene. There you will find a leaderless Great Britain somehow managing to sink even deeper into the cesspool of mismanagement that is the Brexit negotiations.

After the introduction of several different plans to leave the European Union, all of which have been killed on the parliament floor, prime minister Theresa May has announced her resignation, effective June 7th.

The nomination of her successor, one to throw their own hat in the Brexit ring, is forecasted to take at least 6 weeks, time May said she is prepared to remain until. 

Rumors and speculation are plenty in number regarding whom the Conservative Party will nominate as May’s successor. Popular contenders for the position include former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, current Foreign Secretary Jermey Hunt, Environment Secretary Michael Gove, and Defense Secretary Penny Mordaunt.

Long overdue, the 2016 referendum outcome of the British people has fallen subservient to the complexity of dull negotiations regarding the terms of relations within the European Union common market, Visa restrictions, and the possibility of a hard border within Ireland, once Britain departs.

Published by

Chris Trimper

A New York based commentator on American foreign policy and geopolitical happenings. Contributing writer for Rightwingism.com Additional work can be found on Instagram @the.geopolitical.forecasterand on Youtube @ The Geopolitical Forecaster Can be reached at: cosmicextension@icloud.com

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