This Land Is Your Land

The Short Case for Why We Ought to Share Land for the Benefit of All

In the United States alone, there is nearly 3.8 million square miles, or enough to give 18 acres to every American household without even counting National Park lands. Of course, you’d be hard-pressed to find a reason why anyone would need or even want that amount of land for their personal use, but I digress. America is a rich and diverse land on which hundreds of millions of people live, whose ancestors came from all corners, races, and cultures of the earth.

We can build underground or into the sky for over a mile. The point is that this land truly is here and available for whatever the ever growing American population wishes to utilize it for. Furthermore, population growth rates are declining globally and in the long-run we may end up with even more land per person, despite not even needing as much as we have presently.

So we have been graced on this planet with plenty of land, and there exists twice as much of that land per capita in the rest of the world than in the United States, more than enough for all our fellow citizens of the world. This land should belong to all of us. It was not made by any billionaire or millionaire, or any large corporation. The plants and animals, climate or seas were not put here by or for anyone or any nation, which is why it ought be for everyone.

Earth and its continents, including the Americas took their shape millions of years ago, long before the first modern humans. The continents first rose from the seas billions of years ago, before the first multicellular organisms swam the oceans blue. It is unquestionably silly, but true nonetheless, that five people in the United States have ownership over more land than fifty million of their fellow citizens.

Not only have past injustices continued to reflect as gross inequities to this day, but billions of people worldwide may die having never shared in the benefit of the worlds territories, even as without proportioned merit or virtue, many hundreds or even thousands collectively maintain a monopoly on the majority of these territories.

It’s always time and never too late to change the world.

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