War with Iran will be the deadliest conflict in the Middle East. Here’s why.

Tehran – Iranian parliamentarian Mojtaba Zolnour, the chairman of the Iranian parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy commission, stated that “if the US attacks us, only half an hour of Israel’s lifespan will remain”. Tensions have only worsened due to the recent takedown of an American surveillance drone by Iran and a disputed attack on oil tankers along the Gulf Of Oman – in which Iran accused the US of setting up a false flag operation to justify conflict with Iran and the US blamed Iran for attacking the tankers. Despite these heightened tensions, diplomacy is still the key to achieving peace and a war with Iran will devastate all of Middle East. Here’s why.

Although Iran officially possesses no nuclear weapons, there’s no reason to believe that secretive programs are not ongoing. Some might shove off Mojtaba Zolnour’s statement as words without any real intention to act on it, but his statements hint at two things: Iran may already possess nuclear weapons and plans to attack Israel (an ally of the US and longtime foe of the Islamic Republic) – should the US engage in another imperialistic war in the Middle East. In the second case, Iran may order it’s proxies (Hezbollah and Hamas) in Syria, Lebanon and Palestine to launch simultaneous attacks against Israel.

Chairman of the Iranian parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, Mojtaba Zolnour.

Iran’s strength is often underestimated by the West and it’s allies. Iran’s military morale is high, and the Washington Institute suggests that Iran’s military propaganda has been successful in boosting the military’s morale. The Iran-Iraq War was an example of how fiercely the Iranians fought – going as far as to blowing themselves up as a last resort and using similar suicide bombing tactics as the Japanese in the Second World War. What this goes on to show is that Iran is ready to sacrifice its whole military if deemed necessary and will not easily surrender.

Mohammad Hossein Fahmideh, a 13 year old child soldier decorated as an Iranian war hero. He fought in the frontlines with much older soldiers and after seeing the rapid advance of Iraqis and the casualties from the Iranian side, he wore a grenade belt and jump underneath an approaching tank, blowing the tank up and himself. This caused the Iraqis to believe that the Iranians placed mines, halting their advance.

The Saudis have also underestimated the Iranians. Iran has a well-functioning arms industry, meaning that they don’t have to heavily rely on arms sales. This also means that if Iran somehow manages to cut US supplies to Saudi Arabia, Iran can get the upper hand due to their self sufficient arms industry.

Iranian-built Karrar main battle tank.

Iran’s proxies are scattered all over the Middle East and starting a war with Iran will almost certainly result in total war and chaos. Only time will tell whether or not both parties will resort to diplomacy instead of threatening war – a war that neoconservative imperialists will welcome. Let us know what you think of this!

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