Democracy: Champion of the People or A Failed Ideal?

In today’s world, especially in the western world, we consider democracy to be the best, most ideal system, a system unlike any other built on the foundations of freedom of choice for all, a system that gives a nation’s entire population the ability to determine who they want to lead them and their nation going into the future. From the time we start diving into learning about politics and political systems in school, to studying politics and taking political science courses in college, to when we are old and kicking back to watch updates on politics on the news, the notion that we live in a democracy that gives the citizens freedom of choice and that democracy is the best system that exists and can exist is constantly reinforced in our daily lives. In this essay, we will be exploring what democracy means and really is, the arguments for and against democracy, whether or not we currently live in a democracy in the western world and finally, my thoughts and conclusions on whether or not democracy truly is the champion that we’re being sold, or a failed ideal.

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Why Reduce Immigration and How?

Immigration is a very important topic to discuss in politics. People undermine immigration especially in America due to the indoctrination that America is an immigrant country and immigration is sought to stay high due to America “traditionally” being an immigration country.

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Peloponnesian War and The U.S.A

The Peloponnesian War was the result of tensions between the Greek powers of Sparta and Athens.

Following the end of the Persian War, where Greeks fought side by side, the Athenians formed the Delian League. This league was a military alliance that eventually devolved/evolved to an Athenian Empire.

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