The Current State of Politigram on Instagram

Political Instagram accounts, often referred to simply as, “politigram,” have become a hypocritical political cesspool. Seemingly everyone who owns a politigram account is fully aware of this issue. As the owner of a political account myself, it is very apparent to me that the community of accounts has become quite toxic.


1992 Los Angeles Riots: Finding the Korean-American Identity in Chaos

After the emergence of a grainy video depicting four police officers savagely beating Rodney King, the country was dismayed to see the officers involved be acquitted of many charges. Meanwhile, the black community felt that it only uncovered an ongoing, suppressed history of continued institutional racism to the general public.


The Fallacy That is the Debt Crisis: A Basic Introduction

For years American politics have been plagued with conservative “deficit hawks.” Arguably the most harmful philosophy to our nation’s prosperity, deficit hawks have held back the full potential of the United States through the boogeyman that is debt; both foreign and domestic. This toxic ideology has been the grounds for opposition to infrastructure improvements, universal healthcare, welfare reforms, and most recently, the infamous Green New Deal. Lesser educated and profit incentivized businessmen have lied to the people for years, while the theories of economics PhDs have been neglected.

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