The Cold War In The Middle East

Whenever the term “Cold War” is mentioned the vast majority of the world instantly thinks of the half-century long conflict between the United States and former Soviet Union, over the governing of the post-WWII world. Those who lived through it remember practicing duck and cover drills at school and stocking bomb shelters at home. The younger generations recall stories they read in their studies as well as those told by their veteran grandparents. Stories of young American men being sent as far as the jungles of Vietnam to the waves of the Caribbean in the campaign of countering communisms expansion. As far as their recollection goes, the infamous cold war ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall and dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, with the United States emerging as the worlds sole superpower. This piece exists to inform you that at the same time the Soviet Union and the west were threatening mutually assured destruction, another cold war was being orchestrated between another set of great powers. This piece was written to tell you about the cold war in the Middle East.

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Militant Libertarianism (Part 3): The Alliance

The first essay of this series was the introduction to “Neo-Voluntaryism” which asserts that the only logical and useful form of the NAP is one which allows for preemptive force as long as such an action meets a certain criteria. This criteria must be consistent, applicable to all forms of human action, and must also not lead to further aggression.


Race Realism— Walking A Fine Line

Race is one of the most controversial topics for Americans to discuss. One must walk a rather fine line when discussing race as to not make or be accused of making any offensive comments. The theory that is generally accepted in society is that in regards to intellect, race means nothing. This statement may or may not be true, but regardless it is a good theory to live by. However, sociologists, philosophers, and genetic scientists have been popping up across the Western world to challenge this recent status quo. When are their points valid, and when do they cross the line into the territory of white supremacy?

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How Free Trade Can Fix The Global Economy

Both left-wingers and right-wingers are guilty of nationalism. President Donald Trump and Senator Bernie Sanders do not agree on much, but they do see eye-to-eye when it comes to restricting trade with foreign entities. Trump and Sanders are fully economically illiterate when it comes to the issue of trade, and defend their stances with cliché populist rhetoric about “saving manufacturing.” The truth is that protectionism helps nobody in the long run other than big businesses who are shielded from real international competition through tariffs. Protectionism is a regressive, authoritarian, and foolish policy that needs to be eradicated from politics.

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