For years American politics have been plagued with conservative “deficit hawks.” Arguably the most harmful philosophy to our nation’s prosperity, deficit hawks have held back the full potential of the United States through the boogeyman that is debt; both foreign and domestic. This toxic ideology has been the grounds for opposition to infrastructure improvements, universal healthcare, welfare reforms, and most recently, the infamous Green New Deal. Lesser educated and profit incentivized businessmen have lied to the people for years, while the theories of economics PhDs have been neglected.

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In a time where nationalist groups like the Aryan Brotherhood, and the KKK exist how in the world could nationalism be an ideology based on any sort of merit? While these groups may exist, the average nationalist is not a white supremacist, nor are they apart of some hateful cabal that wishes to see every person of color expunged from their nation. The ordinary nationalist just cares for their country, and countrymen, they care for the wellbeing of their “family”.

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