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All You Need to Know About About Sea Warfare in the 21st Century

With over a hundred billion dollars in funding, hundreds of thousands of sailors and civilian personnel, hundreds of ships in service, thirty-one ships under construction, and over forty more on order, the United States Navy is the world’s most powerful and well-equipped maritime force in history. Challenging the US dominance, foreign powers have begun investing heavily in expanding and modernizing their militaries, with China and Russia together outspending the United States on military hardware once expenditures have been adjusted for purchasing power parity.

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Making the United States the Renewable Energy Capital of the World

Whether you’re a skeptic of climate change and its implications, a climate-change denier, or a die-hard hippy with a flower in your hair, everyone agrees that cleaner air and a minimized human impact on the climate are positive changes that ought to be made.


Perhaps one of the most lied about eras of American history (though there are many) is the Gilded Age. The title for this era was given because on the outside it looks golden but on the inside it is said to be corrupt and horrible. But, I take the position it was all golden. The Gilded Age launched America as a global power and made us incredibly important worldwide. We now more wealth and resources and quickly made our way to the top of the chain globally. Besides this, wages grew for everyone, and while you can reference the trope that “the rich got richer and the poor got poorer” this claim has no merit to it. Wealth and capital were given to many and resources were no longer hard to achieve as they had been in the dark ages. As Andrew Carnegie says in his essay “The Gospel of Wealth”, “The poor enjoy what the rich could not before afford. What were the luxuries have become the necessaries of life. The laborer has now more comforts than the landlord had a few generations ago. The farmer has more luxuries than the landlord had, and is more richly clad and better housed. The landlord has books and pictures rarer, and appointments more artistic, than the King could then obtain.” The claims of how terrible it was are made without warrant whatsoever but simply a hatred for those who produced the mass amounts of wealth in the first place. Read Full Article

Possibly one of the most pressing issues right now is how automation might (keyword: might) tear apart the economy.  Many studies have arisen showing that automation is going to be take out millions of manufacturing jobs globally. In response, even people on the right such as paleoconservative pundit Tucker Carlson and libertarian political scientist Charles Murray have come out saying we need to either heavily regulate it or find ways for the employed to be secure. The issue has started to bring people together. Read Full Article

It’s International Women’s Day! In honor of this fantastic holiday, it’s only appropriate we discuss the greatness of women and how far we’ve progressed to help them. After all, women, like every other group that isn’t straight, white men, were oppressed for thousands of years, and have only started gaining major rights and privileges over the last couple hundred years. To this day, they face several disadvantages in the world, which we must work desperately to fix. But, for now, take a break, relax, and admire the great things progress has done for women.

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