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Tehran – Iranian parliamentarian Mojtaba Zolnour, the chairman of the Iranian parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy commission, stated that “if the US attacks us, only half an hour of Israel’s lifespan will remain”. Tensions have only worsened due to the recent takedown of an American surveillance drone by Iran and a disputed attack on oil tankers along the Gulf Of Oman – in which Iran accused the US of setting up a false flag operation to justify conflict with Iran and the US blamed Iran for attacking the tankers. Despite these heightened tensions, diplomacy is still the key to achieving peace and a war with Iran will devastate all of Middle East. Here’s why.

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This Aircraft Destroys Russo-Chinese Chances of Contesting Airspace

On July 27th, 1972, a true knight of the skies first took flight. Over 40 years later and the F-15 Eagle is still in service and this year the Air Force is putting in an order for a brand new variant known as the F-15X. As if unshakable air dominance wasn’t already enough… however they may not being bought to bolster our strength, but to keep Boeing’s factories open.

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All You Need to Know About About Sea Warfare in the 21st Century

With over a hundred billion dollars in funding, hundreds of thousands of sailors and civilian personnel, hundreds of ships in service, thirty-one ships under construction, and over forty more on order, the United States Navy is the world’s most powerful and well-equipped maritime force in history. Challenging the US dominance, foreign powers have begun investing heavily in expanding and modernizing their militaries, with China and Russia together outspending the United States on military hardware once expenditures have been adjusted for purchasing power parity.

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Making the United States the Renewable Energy Capital of the World

Whether you’re a skeptic of climate change and its implications, a climate-change denier, or a die-hard hippy with a flower in your hair, everyone agrees that cleaner air and a minimized human impact on the climate are positive changes that ought to be made.